And the Lord called his people ZION, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.

(Pearl of Great Price | Moses 7:18)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dear President Barack Obama and the DOJ

Haines City, FL July 14, 2016

Dear President Barack Obama and the DOJ

I was kicked out of Valencia College today mainly for free speech and for proving my thesis through the scientific method.  I am one of those brains left behind who refuses to be censored.

            Thank you for your support.  Thanks to you, I graduated from college before my time. I have no regrets even when I was forced to graduate with high dishonors in one single semester without a degree. This is my freshmen year and I was majoring in writing and rhetoric.  But I exceeded boundaries and expectations by using foreign language tactics that they understood yet misinterpreted.  In English comp, they asked me for a persuasive essay and I used it to talk about the legality of protests in reference to the most recent police brutality cases and the incidents against them. I was fair and balanced. But their cat minded mentality is dull of hearing sound knowledge. They rather give in to fables than tackling the issues that matter most. My essays are vital, even a matter of life and death.  By so doing these people have unleashed a sequences of events that will bring about the next apocalypse or national tragedy.  I will not sit silent, with the help of God, I will move earth and hell to bring justice to this decaying world. I already filled it with truth. After justice come judgment day.  All I ever wanted to do is to get a higher education and I still can and I will, in hell if needs be.

            They told me that I am the most powerful man under heaven and that my words can kill as if I were the godfather.  I am just like you, president, with an exceptional ability to bring about change with the stroke of a pen. I may be a doctor just like you.  Just because I would not allow myself to be institutionalized and serve their MLA or Money Laundering Language Stratagem.  Allegedly, I was barred for using creative writing words, yet with scalpel sharp technicality. It was them who broke the law and not me in violation of free speech, in violation of my right to assembly, they violated federal law with regards to mail for not allowing me to write to my friends and my professors at school until they bring me to a school parole hearing. Is there no freedom of press anymore in this country of us? I was also burred for my beliefs in Elohim and in Jesus Christ and for writing about my beliefs even though I have said nothing with my own voice. I was banned for being more Mormon than the Mormons, for being more Hispanic than Hispanics, more American than the Americans, more Jew than the Jewish, more Marxist than Carl Marx, more sociable than the socialist, for being more black that Black Lives Matter, for being more Frank and Earnest or more extremist than el Che Guevara, for loving my enemies as our secretary of suggest we should to, even loving them more more than gays love each other, for singing them a lullaby of their awful conditions, for referencing EL Mahdi and Mohammad, and by making my voice heard in support for Black Lives Matter and teaching them true martial arts in defense of their precious lives thru infallible due process.  For defending Law and Order without even uttering a sound of my own voice. I am sorry to inform and to report to you and the CIA and the FBI among others, that I could not continue my college education. I have no choice but going back into occultation in the grave digging trenches.

I am not even a violent man. Just a bit ignorant, but frank and earnest to the teeth. I have even written a lot of things about and against you, and everybody else that I come into contact with. And you know and your detail and the FBI knows that it is my way of expressing my views as I see things. I am no treat to no one or am I? Some people grow greater with good loving opposition. I am opposed vehemently to you and the Clintons. I hate you all for living me behind. But my enmity and hate is not the kind that obstructs and reject. It is the kind that attracts. My hate is more caring than the faked love of many.  I will tell you all in your face what I think of you, even if I am wrong, but I will never give up on you.  I want to hate you even more. I pray for your wellbeing and wish you all the happiness and success you can attain in this life. Only God knows how deep is my hate. I wish I can hate everybody as I hate you. I am you most respectful enemy. I hate that you are our president. You made a lousy one, but you could have made a great king or Pharaoh. Shame on you for being content with so little.

            With what I say for better or for worst, in writing I cannot break a reed not put out the fire of a smocking flax. Yet by the radioactive style of my little child speech, my higher education came into a halt as we speak.  The only thing I know little about is about being a Muslim, I want to be a good Muslim too if I could. That is the only title I lack. I have been everything but that, even a communist lover, but nothing works. Are there Universities in Mecca where I can kill with my words and people not be afraid? Can you take me or bring back to occultation?   This people in America are too sensitive. They are not ready; they can’t handle the truth, so you have to talk to them with reverse psychology. They love believing lies. Wish granted.   It’s hard to be a man-child here. I need a good civil rights lawyer or another school, in Russia, China or Mecca preferably and the means to get my education somewhere else.  The time to prepare for my appearance is at hand, we are losing too many brothers and sisters in translation.  It’s time to clean the house and set it in order.
This is what I write about which was like a red herring to them or a message they cannot refuse to acknowledge. I was taking a Math mid-term test when they jacked me from it to question me. I don’t want to meet them again without a lawyer. I cannot even set/ a foot in the school until next Monday. What is a man if he cannot speak how he truly feels? All I want to is to be free. Give me Liberty or give me death, before this world makes of me a man that has nothing to lose.  Even then no one can shut me down, because my wings are too bright, and by the will of God whom I serve, I cannot be restrained. 

Thou shalt be called a seer, a translator, a prophet, an apostle of Jesus Christ

Miguel Tinoco