And the Lord called his people ZION, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.

(Pearl of Great Price | Moses 7:18)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

BLOW ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain

Zion or United States, March 29, 2012

BLOW ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand;

(Old Testament | Joel 2:1)

Sons of the Republic, look and learn:

George Washington Remarkable Vision

Dear state and federal government officials of the United States of America; and to the people to whom they own duty and right to protect from both domestic and foreign threats.

As a herald of salvation out of the kingdom of heaven, I do not know what else to say of what has been already said by this disabled pen over the course of the past three and a half years or more.  I have exhausted pretty much every resource, knowledge and skill under heaven at my disposal to properly warn the people of this great nation of impending perils or decimating dangers that will shortly come to pass to the people of the land of the free and the home of the brave, unless they speedily repent of their personal, local and national sins.  All this time I have been reminding people of all walks of life, including government officials at all levels of the following things as the prophets of old once spoke:

“And there were exceedingly many prophets among us.  And the people were a stiffnecked people, hard to understand.

And there was nothing save it was exceeding harshness, preaching and prophesying of wars, and contentions, and destructions, and continually reminding them of death, and the duration of eternity, and the judgments and the power of God, and all these things—stirring them up continually to keep them in the fear of the Lord.

 I say there was nothing short of these things, and exceedingly great plainness of speech, would keep them from going down speedily to destruction.”

(Book of Mormon | Enos 1:22 - 23)

All this time I have indeed been a true prophet of doom, having taken upon myself the shame, the rejection, the stones, the mocking, the incarceration and even committals into crisis psychiatric units and have also suffered many offenses, injustices and personal incursions and intrusions, even by those who call themselves my friends.  My civil rights as a Citizen of the land have been violated. Yet as a free man, I have not neglected my duty to God and to you in order to defend with verb and force the things what matters most; which are truth and virtue. I have defended my duty to God, my religion and yours. I have defended my freedom and liberty and also yours. I have defended my wife and my children and also yours.  As a matter of fact, I have lifted the standard of liberty as the very prophets of old, for which actions; I have suffered much ridicule and less attention.  Pretty much every word I wrote I did in the name of the son of God, to whom belongs all the honor, glory and power.

I could be wrong, yet I strongly believe I have reached a point in which I now must cease my own sermons and allow the sermons of heaven to become operant. And the reason thereof is because I have seen in a dream of a night vision a very thick and dark cloud hovering upon the city over us which is ready to burst. And when I saw it the second time, it was beginning to drizzle already.  When I saw it, after I woke up this morning, it reminded me of the words of James Madison during the days when the Federal government was waiting for the States of the Union to ratify the US constitution in which hypothetically or prophetically many WHAT IF questions were asked.  There is no question to me and to a great many of those who are reading that the What ifs that Madison asked have become very real. Nevertheless, one question, asked perhaps by the person who constructed the article below, to show it to us, has fallen upon me this day. And that question is:

 Will the “gathering storm” result in an actual storm?


That person answered it himself, saying that only God knows. And, I Miguel, boldly professing to have the discretion and the spirit of discernment, or being quick to observe, not of myself but by the gift of GOD, I have detected such a storm already hovering upon us. I myself have seen it. So, the answer is a fearful and resounding yes. I even had the privilege given by the almighty God to measure its thickness of the cloud. And it gave the appearance that it reaches up all the way to heaven for I could not see the light of the sun thru it as if the sun was darkened by the ominous gloominess of the dense cloud. And having seen such an ominous and thick darkness, the only thing I could think of at that moment of gloominess was to take some cover and expect the ravaging winds not to sweep the city I was on to seek shelter. It all reminded me also about the scriptures written both by Joel and Zephaniah which respectively declare about an ominous day of clouds and thick darkness; a day of wasteness and desolation. Here is the written word or the law and the testimony:

BLOW ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand; A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations. A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them.

(Old Testament | Joel 2:1 - 3)

And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD, that there shall be the noise of a cry from the fish gate, and an howling from the second, and a great crashing from the hills.

Howl, ye inhabitants of Maktesh, for all the merchant people are cut down; all they that bear silver are cut off. And it shall come to pass at that time, that I will search Jerusalem with candles, and punish the men that are settled on their lees: that say in their heart, The LORD will not do good, neither will he do evil.Therefore their goods shall become a booty, and their houses a desolation: they shall also build houses, but not inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, but not drink the wine thereof.The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the LORD: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly.

That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress, a day of wasteness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, A day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high towers. And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the LORD: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung. Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD's wrath; but the whole land shall be devoured by the fire of his jealousy: for he shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land.

(Old Testament | Zephaniah 1:10 - 18)

And this is the predicament we are facing in this generation. But this morning, of this day, I asked myself the question that many may ask themselves in the wake of such a predicament. And the question is the same that the People of Sparta once asked themselves in the wake of a foreign invasion. What can we do?

I personally know what to do, I do what I do best, which is to sound the alarm with the voice of warning as I am doing it today. I also pay and seek to repent and supplicate protection and the ability to act seeking first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, and then everything else I need is added unto to abate the wickedness of the day.

But, then also, King Leonidas, in his own days, facing the same predicaments that we are facing today responded them with another question saying: What can you do?

At that time, the people were idolatrous and given to excessive licentiousness and immorality as it is today. And the things they did best were to have sex, yet they did it as a sport and most were reluctant to have children. So the King told them, Do what you do best.

And then he said. Sparta will need sons to defend her.  Whether this is factious or not, it matters not. I strongly believe that the same predicament applies to us all today.  The United States of America has many children, most of them unprepared to defend the land against any foreign or domestic threats. All these children, whether they have already been born or not, need to be converted into true American Patriots or become True Sons of the Republic.  This is the month of march is the month of wrath, and the day of wrath is already upon us and we have no time to waste. American will need sons of the republic to defend her.

My contributions to you are as much as you allow me to make them. I am here writing as an engineer of the soul to awaken you to a sense of our awful situation. And to lift up your patriotic spirit as much as I can, so that we all face the dangers at hand assertively and with resolve. For the common American, it is too late to rethread from the contest we face. I am both a citizen and a friend of the Republic, and my oath to defend the law of the land is still in full force. I have told you in advance I hate Democracy. Because they are all short lived and they all start and en in carnage and bloodshed.  If you did not know of it, Here is the essence of our republic:

America the Republic

In addition to knowing, we must fight and conquer the enemy within. We must clean the inward part of the vessel first if we desire to restore the dreams of our founding fathers left us to grow. We have may have a traitor as a President and God knows how many other supporters in the US Congress and in the Senate among other public institutions. They have forsaken and neglected us and instead of defending the interests of the people, they are following global and Orwellian agendas to no avail. This is not a fight against the government of the United States; this is a fight against treason and tyranny entrenched for so long in high places in our government. I am not afraid to say it for I fear not your authority even if that makes me an enemy of the state. The God of heaven supports me and the Word of the LORD says even today to us all:

But why should I say much concerning this matter?  For we know not but what ye yourselves are seeking for authority.  We know not but what ye are also traitors to your country. Or is it that ye have neglected us because ye are in the heart of our country and ye are surrounded by security, that ye do not cause food to be sent unto us, and also men to strengthen our armies?

Have ye forgotten the commandments of the Lord your God?  Yea, have ye forgotten the captivity of our fathers?  Have ye forgotten the many times we have been delivered out of the hands of our enemies? Or do ye suppose that the Lord will still deliver us, while we sit upon our thrones and do not make use of the means which the Lord has provided for us? Yea, will ye sit in idleness while ye are surrounded with thousands of those, yea, and tens of thousands, who do also sit in idleness, while there are thousands round about in the borders of the land who are falling by the sword, yea, wounded and bleeding?

Do ye suppose that God will look upon you as guiltless while ye sit still and behold these things?  Behold I say unto you, Nay.

 Now I would that ye should remember that God has said that the inward vessel shall be cleansed first, and then shall the outer vessel be cleansed also.

(Book of Mormon | Alma 60:18 - 23)

And it is also written that whatsoever evil, against right, freedom and liberty we cannot resist with our words we must resist with our swords.

And now, behold, we will resist wickedness even unto bloodshed. 

We would not shed the blood of the Lamanites if they would stay in their own land. We would not shed the blood of our brethren if they would not rise up in rebellion and take the sword against us. We would subject ourselves to the yoke of bondage if it were requisite with the justice of God, or if he should command us so to do.

But behold he doth not command us that we shall subject ourselves to our enemies, but that we should put our trust in him, and he will deliver us. Therefore, my beloved brother, Moroni, let us resist evil, and whatsoever evil we cannot resist with our words, yea, such as rebellions and dissensions, let us resist them with our swords, that we may retain our freedom, that we may rejoice in the great privilege of our church, and in the cause of our Redeemer and our God.

(Book of Mormon | Alma 61:10 - 14)

As you have thus far seen, those words are as effective today as they were then. I have used the gift of GOD, which is the spirit of liberty, with prudence and skill to our benefit no only so that you can understand, but so that you do not misunderstand. Yet, I can find no better argument that to spark the patriotic fire in you or to solicit from all of you to end your inaction and claudicating, other than to remind you of your own history; and to please ask you to read the words of Patrick Henry in his speech to congress entitled, Give me Liberty or give me death.

Patrick Henry, Give me liberty or give me death

These words have the power to search the soul of ever man and to cleanse it of unpatriotic impurities. That is the spiritual oil that has kept the fire of my fire burning for the last forty two months.  I am a priest, I am a prophet of God, and in fact those are the only professional credentials I have. But all this time, I have acted as none other but a free man, as a soldier of the spirit of liberty. For where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. And in the fulfillment of my duty to God and my fellow man, in honoring and respecting your laws, as a free man I hope to die.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

(New Testament | 2 Corinthians 3:17)

Therefore, my beloved brother, Moroni, let us resist evil, and whatsoever evil we cannot resist with our words, yea, such as rebellions and dissensions, let us resist them with our swords, that we may retain our freedom, that we may rejoice in the great privilege of our church, and in the cause of our Redeemer and our God.Therefore, come unto me speedily with a few of your men, and leave the remainder in the charge of Lehi and Teancum; give unto them power to conduct the war in that part of the land, according to the Spirit of God, which is also the spirit of freedom which is in them.

(Book of Mormon | Alma 61:14 - 15)

I few truly believe in God and the Constitutional law of the Land, we need to raise high the banner of our stripes and let know our domestic and foreign enemies what we stand for so long as there is a band of Christians in our land.  And here is the standard of liberty or the reason for we should contend. And I know that it is a righteous cause, for we do not desk for gain, power or the realization of fruitless dreams as our enemies do.

And it came to pass that he rent his coat; and he took a piece thereof, and wrote upon it—

In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children—and he fastened it upon the end of a pole. 

And he fastened on his head–plate, and his breastplate, and his shields, and girded on his armor about his loins; and he took the pole, which had on the end thereof his rent coat, (and he called it the title of liberty) and he bowed himself to the earth, and he prayed mightily unto his God for the blessings of liberty to rest upon his brethren, so long as there should a band of Christians remain to possess the land—

For thus were all the true believers of Christ, who belonged to the church of God, called by those who did not belong to the church. And those who did belong to the church were faithful; yea, all those who were true believers in Christ took upon them, gladly, the name of Christ, or Christians as they were called, because of their belief in Christ who should come. And therefore, at this time, Moroni prayed that the cause of the Christians, and the freedom of the land might be favored.

And it came to pass that when he had poured out his soul to God, he named all the land which was south of the land Desolation, yea, and in fine, all the land, both on the north and on the south—A chosen land, and the land of liberty.

And he said: Surely God shall not suffer that we, who are despised because we take upon us the name of Christ, shall be trodden down and destroyed, until we bring it upon us by our own transgressions.And when Moroni had said these words, he went forth among the people, waving the rent part of his garment in the air, that all might see the writing which he had written upon the rent part, and crying with a loud voice, saying:

Behold, whosoever will maintain this title upon the land, let them come forth in the strength of the Lord, and enter into a covenant that they will maintain their rights, and their religion, that the Lord God may bless them.

And it came to pass that when Moroni had proclaimed these words, behold, the people came running together with their armor girded about their loins, rending their garments in token, or as a covenant, that they would not forsake the Lord their God; or, in other words, if they should transgress the commandments of God, or fall into transgression, and be ashamed to take upon them the name of Christ, the Lord should rend them even as they had rent their garments.

Now this was the covenant which they made, and they cast their garments at the feet of Moroni, saying: We covenant with our God, that we shall be destroyed, even as our brethren in the land northward, if we shall fall into transgression; yea, he may cast us at the feet of our enemies, even as we have cast our garments at thy feet to be trodden under foot, if we shall fall into transgression.

(Book of Mormon | Alma 46:12 - 22)

It is my sincere hope, yea, my wild hope that the day will come when the people of the United States of America and the whole continent for that matter will come with their one banners rushing to embrace the title of liberty as it did happen with the people of whom I have been writing before they were utterly destroyed even upon these lands. Now, this is the reason by which they now speak unto us from the dust, as voice of warning to awake und to our awful situation and to alert us so that we do not suffer the same fate as a result of secret combinations. And these are their words unto us:

And it came to pass that they formed a secret combination, even as they of old; which combination is most abominable and wicked above all, in the sight of God; For the Lord worketh not in secret combinations, neither doth he will that man should shed blood, but in all things hath forbidden it, from the beginning of man.

And now I, Moroni, do not write the manner of their oaths and combinations, for it hath been made known unto me that they are had among all people, and they are had among the Lamanites.And they have caused the destruction of this people of whom I am now speaking, and also the destruction of the people of Nephi.And whatsoever nation shall uphold such secret combinations, to get power and gain, until they shall spread over the nation, behold, they shall be destroyed; for the Lord will not suffer that the blood of his saints, which shall be shed by them, shall always cry unto him from the ground for vengeance upon them and yet he avenge them not.

Wherefore, O ye Gentiles, it is wisdom in God that these things should be shown unto you, that thereby ye may repent of your sins, and suffer not that these murderous combinations shall get above you, which are built up to get power and gain—and the work, yea, even the work of destruction come upon you, yea, even the sword of the justice of the Eternal God shall fall upon you, to your overthrow and destruction if ye shall suffer these things to be.

Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you; or wo be unto it, because of the blood of them who have been slain; for they cry from the dust for vengeance upon it, and also upon those who built it up.

For it cometh to pass that whoso buildeth it up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries; and it bringeth to pass the destruction of all people, for it is built up by the devil, who is the father of all lies; even that same liar who beguiled our first parents, yea, even that same liar who hath caused man to commit murder from the beginning; who hath hardened the hearts of men that they have murdered the prophets, and stoned them, and cast them out from the beginning.

Wherefore, I, Moroni, am commanded to write these things that evil may be done away, and that the time may come that Satan may have no power upon the hearts of the children of men, but that they may be persuaded to do good continually, that they may come unto the fountain of all righteousness and be saved.

(Book of Mormon | Ether 8:18 - 26)

I therefore, prophesy in the name of Christ, Jesus, the redeemer of the world and the God of these lands that many will be destroyed upon these lands, which utterance and foreknowledge wearies and sorrows my whole soul. Bu tit is the wicked will be punished by the wicked and iniquity from this land will be swept away and the few may remain, but the standard of liberty and the principles for which the flag of the United Sates of America stands for, will remain flowing undefeated with those who made an honest and upright effort to defend it. For those now living and who had lived who prefer and have preferred to exchange freedom for security, are not worthy of neither. Redemption must come by the shedding of blood of both patriots and tyrants.

These things I humbly say, profess and make manifest as one having authority in the Holy Name of the god of these lands, which is Jesus Christ, amen.

Attentively yours from an unworthy servant in the hands of Christ

These are the words of a citizen in good standing of both of the Kingdom of God on earth and of the United States.

Miguel Angel Tinoco Rodriguez

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who is like unto the Beast? And who is able to make war with him?

Zion or United States, March 28, 2012


This month of March Madness indeed has been a month of wrath.


AMERICANS, ARE YOU ANIMALS or BEASTS? The current US President happens to think so.


Barack Obama: I Have A "Moral Obligation" To Neuter America

“Neutering, from the Latin neuter (of neither sex[1]), is the removal of an animal's reproductive organ, either all of it or a considerably large part. The process is often used in reference to males whereas spaying is often reserved for females. Colloquially, both terms are often referred to as fixing. While technically called castration for males, in male horses, the process is referred to as gelding.
Neutering is the most common sterilizing method in animals. In the United States, most humane societies, animal shelters and rescue groups urge pet owners to have their pets spayed or neutered to prevent the births of unwanted litters, contributing to the overpopulation of unwanted animals in the rescue system.”

Lets US all get ready for Circumcision, National Castration, Vasectomy and sterilization the WEST AFRICAN STYLE.

I thought Jesus Christ was the Bishop of our souls, not the Obama who appears to have taken it upon himself to stretch his hand and steady the Arc of GOD.  I wonder where he gets his authority and Ideals from?

Then Pres. Smith said,

"I have had a troublesome vision of another great and terrible war that made the war just ended look like a training exercise World War II and people died like flies. It began at a time when the Soviet Union's military might dwarfed that of the United States, and we [that is, the United States] would have missiles in Europe that carried an atomic bomb. I saw the United States withdraw its missiles to appease the Soviet Union, and then the war began." He also said that we would have big missiles in deep holes he described like grain silos which the Soviets would try to destroy with their own missiles. They would hit military installations and some cities also. He said that the president at that time would be of Greek extraction. 

Until then all the presidents would be of British or northern European ancestry. He continued that the U.S. would be bound by numerous entangling alliances and would take away weapons owned by the people. He talked some about the initial attack and the ground warfare, but I can't remember enough to document all their tactics and in which countries various things occurred. One tactic, especially in Europe, was to transport tanks in thousands of big trucks like semi-trailers on the super highways to have them located where they wanted them when the war was to begin. During that explanation I asked, "What about the Atomic Cannon?" to which he answered, "I didn't see anything like that." Then he said, 

"The aftermath was dreadful. Think of the worst, most difficult times of the Depression." He turned to us children and said, "You won't remember the Depression," which was true. I didn't know there was a depression as I was growing up - the sun came up every morning, flowers bloomed, we went to school, and there was church every Sunday. But he repeated to our parents, "Think of the worst condition of the Depression. Can you think of something?" Our father answered, "Oh yes!" Then Pres. Smith continued, "You know how Sunday school picnics are complete with salad, chicken, root beer, and dessert, and everyone has a wonderful time. The worst time of the Depression will seem like a Sunday school picnic when compared with conditions that will exist after that great war." When he finished speaking he turned around and went to the front door. As he left I thought to myself, "What he said is really important. I've got to remember it!"

Who is going to stop OBAMA’S RAGE NOW? Who is like unto the Beast? And who is able to make war with him?

Judging by the attached picture, I wonder where did that appointed man Obama gets his hand stretching moves? If from Michael Jackson’s last Video or from Hitler? I will let you all be the judge of that. Meanwhile, hear the word of the LORD you scornful men who rule this people which is in JerUSAlem.

Yea, thus saith the still small voice, which whispereth through and pierceth all things, and often times it maketh my bones to quake while it maketh manifest, saying:

And it shall come to pass that I, the Lord God, will send one mighty and strong, holding the scepter of power in his hand, clothed with light for a covering, whose mouth shall utter words, eternal words; while his bowels shall be a fountain of truth, to set in order the house of God, and to arrange by lot the inheritances of the saints whose names are found, and the names of their fathers, and of their children, enrolled in the book of the law of God.

While that man, who was called of God and appointed, that putteth forth his hand to steady the ark of God, shall fall by the shaft of death, like as a tree that is smitten by the vivid shaft of lightning.

And all they who are not found written in the book of remembrance shall find none inheritance in that day, but they shall be cut asunder, and their portion shall be appointed them among unbelievers, where are wailing and gnashing of teeth.

These things I say not of myself; therefore, as the Lord speaketh, he will also fulfil. And they who are of the High Priesthood, whose names are not found written in the book of the law, or that are found to have apostatized, or to have been cut off from the church, as well as the lesser priesthood, or the members, in that day shall not find an inheritance among the saints of the Most High;Therefore, it shall be done unto them as unto the children of the priest, as will be found recorded in the second chapter and sixty–first and second verses of Ezra.

(Doctrine and Covenants | Section 85:6 - 12)

Who is like unto the beast?  who is able to make war with him?

(New Testament | Revelation 13:4)

As a watchman in a tower, it is my moral obligation to warn you of what will shortly come to pass whether you have believed or not that the LORD has sent me. The next forty two moths are going to be trial some for a great many people. And this I do say as a witness of Jesus Christ, and I humbly by the things that I have both heard and seen and also by way of knowledge and admonition of truth, with a single aye to the honor and glory of God> And I do this as one having authority in the Holy name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Attentively Yours from

This is an unworthy Servant in the hands of Christ.

Miguel Angel Tinoco Rodriguez

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

Zion, March 26, 2012

Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

(Old Testament | Psalms 85:10)


Behold the day of Wrath is nigh at hand

President Obama Asks Medvedev for 'Space' on Missile Defense - 'After My Election I Have More Flexibility'

Flexibility for what, to realign the United States of America against the Wall by bringing down most if not all of its Nuclear Strategic defenses and make it an easy and vulnerable target to foreign threats and defenseless to any given attack? Do the people of the United States desires that the Sun sets on us? If not, we need to resourcefully contest the next Presidential elections of the United States by defending and honoring the US constitution, the ten amendments and the bill of rights in its original form. If they have killed the constituent, let us resurrected to stand, for it is better than one man is cast away or falls by the shaft of death like a tree when it is smitten by the vivid shaft of lightning than a whole nation degenerates and perishes in unbelief.

WHAT IF..This fish really stinks. The big cat fish or beast of the pit was caught confessing his dark intentions by his own mouth out of his comfort zone by a pair of Super PAC Crocodiles who are ready to devour him. OR WHAT IF IT IS as Ron Paul Said:

Gentlemen of the House, We the people of the United States may have a case of Presidential Treason and high crimes and misdemeanors at hand against US constitution and the people of the United States of America. This is just one of the Clear and Present dangers we all face not necessarily against a foreign but a domestic enemy. 


Here is some incrimination evidence that will show to some or many that mercy and truth are met together and that truth and that justice and peace have kissed each other. For of this it is written:

Shew us thy mercy, O LORD, and grant us thy salvation. I will hear what God the LORD will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly. Surely his salvation is nigh them that fear him; that glory may dwell in our land. Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven. Yea, the LORD shall give that which is good; and our land shall yield her increase. Righteousness shall go before him; and shall set us in the way of his steps.

(Old Testament | Psalms 85:7 - 13)

Exibit 1A: It may or may not make sense, yet it was written earlier:

Miguel Angel Tinoco an independent witness of Jesus Christ for security reasons disguised as ELIAKIM, the Faithful priest from e-mail address  professed or wrote:

"A house dived cannot prevail. This smells fishy!!! Something is very wrong in this GOP campaign to be dragged this far as it is. Definitely someone in this race is outright betraying its own party for gain; or remaining in the race only to entertain the enemy in order to facilitate the permanence of the incumbent in the white house. The Super Pac alligators are definitely on the alert. They even came after me, but I managed to escape with the aid of the LORD to high and solid ground. After which, I was glad to see the former V.P. But during my return, I have seen the super pack alligators pulling the monstrous shark out of his comfort zone by the mouth into the open swamp to devour him. It is because as it is written by the LORD in he Holy writ that "a house divided cannot prevail." They have to do it or face loosing the white house for another term. Just wait and see. I foresee by borrowed power that Louisiana is going to define the truth”

Exibit 1B The above statement was tentatively made to all the world as a comment on

STEVE FORBES: Romney Can Win The Election–Reagan Was Much Farther Behind

By Henry Blodget | Daily Ticker – Mon, Mar 12, 2012 1:50 PM EDT



Cheney Recovering From Heart Transplant

By Niraj Chokshi | National Journal – Sat, Mar 24, 2012



Strange and unusual creatures


A strange sea creature washed ashore on Folly Beach in South Carolina this past weekend and had some wondering if the beast was some sort of new species. Here is a look at other unusual and fascinating creatures from the land and sea.


Now, all already may know that the Louisiana Primary elections have already passed and it was no mystery of this event. This date was the mark.

But the question remains?

Are you going to put your trust in the arm of flesh? Or are all of you  going to allow your God given rights, your liberty, the wellbeing and future of your wives and children in the hands of a runaway president who desires to realign a the United States of America against the wall to bend it and break it until the sun sets over it?   It is written:

Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

(New Testament | Matthew 18:19 - 20)

Supporting and agreeing Witnessess

Exibit 3A

Mr. Dinesh D’Souza an independent witness of truth or things as they are, as they were and as they are to come was right on the money when he affirmed, professed and/or predicted in a preview of his upcoming film that will reveal much, that if the incumbent president is reelected, will not be influenced or moved by public opinion or that if elected he will be pretty much free to “DO AS THOU WILT.” Nothing good is going to happen because will practically be free to do what he wants. Expect Nothing Good to happen as a result of his reelection. THEREFORE LET’S STOP THE RAGE of OBAMA NOW.


Now does America needs a ANTI-COLONIALIST multicolored Neon Sign and fire to descend from heaven to see and believe or to signal them that God is trying to tell them something?

Concluding Statement,

Miguel Angel Tinoco: We have a Bottomless Pit Rebellion against the US constitution which high crimes and misdemeanors is an impeachable and a treasonable offense against US, the people of the United States.

Article and visual corroborating evidence

Exibit 4A:  High Crimes and Misdemeanors and/or Treason

Coup D’etat: Pentagon & Obama Declare Congress Ceremonial

Congressman Jones introduces bill that would subject Panetta & Obama to impeachment

What does it probe, that nothing will do the LORD without first revealing his secrets to his servants the prophets.

For it is written:

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Will a lion roar in the forest, when he hath no prey?  will a young lion cry out of his den, if he have taken nothing? Can a bird fall in a snare upon the earth, where no gin is for him?  shall one take up a snare from the earth, and have taken nothing at all? Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid?  shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it? Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

The lion hath roared, who will not fear?  the Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?

Publish in the palaces at Ashdod, and in the palaces in the land of Egypt, and say, Assemble yourselves upon the mountains of Samaria, and behold the great tumults in the midst thereof, and the oppressed in the midst thereof.For they know not to do right, saith the LORD, who store up violence and robbery in their palaces. Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; An adversary there shall be even round about the land; and he shall bring down thy strength from thee, and thy palaces shall be spoiled. Thus saith the LORD; As the shepherd taketh out of the mouth of the lion two legs, or a piece of an ear; so shall the children of Israel be taken out that dwell in Samaria in the corner of a bed, and in Damascus in a couch. Hear ye, and testify in the house of Jacob, saith the Lord GOD, the God of hosts,

That in the day that I shall visit the transgressions of Israel upon him I will also visit the altars of Beth-el: and the horns of the altar shall be cut off, and fall to the ground. And I will smite the winter house with the summer house; and the houses of ivory shall perish, and the great houses shall have an end, saith the LORD.

(Old Testament | Amos 3:3 - 15)

As you may see the thing is established of GOD

Therefore, thus saith the LORD. Unless this people repents and amend their ways the LORD is shortly going to send them the East Wind of destruction which will bring Fire, smoke, plagues, famine, destruction and very grievous desolation to waste the whole land starting with us. I write this because the LORD has commanded me. For if this it is written:

And it came to pass that there was a man among them whose name was Abinadi; and he went forth among them, and began to prophesy, saying: Behold, thus saith the Lord, and thus hath he commanded me, saying, Go forth, and say unto this people, thus saith the Lord—Wo be unto this people, for I have seen their abominations, and their wickedness, and their whoredoms; and except they repent I will visit them in mine anger. And except they repent and turn to the Lord their God, behold, I will deliver them into the hands of their enemies; yea, and they shall be brought into bondage; and they shall be afflicted by the hand of their enemies.

And it shall come to pass that they shall know that I am the Lord their God, and am a jealous God, visiting the iniquities of my people. And it shall come to pass that except this people repent and turn unto the Lord their God, they shall be brought into bondage; and none shall deliver them, except it be the Lord the Almighty God. Yea, and it shall come to pass that when they shall cry unto me I will be slow to hear their cries; yea, and I will suffer them that they be smitten by their enemies. And except they repent in sackcloth and ashes, and cry mightily to the Lord their God, I will not hear their prayers, neither will I deliver them out of their afflictions; and thus saith the Lord, and thus hath he commanded me.

(Book of Mormon | Mosiah 11:20 - 25)

Not only that but this also:

AND it came to pass that after the space of two years that Abinadi came among them in disguise, that they knew him not, and began to prophesy among them, saying: Thus has the Lord commanded me, saying—Abinadi, go and prophesy unto this my people, for they have hardened their hearts against my words; they have repented not of their evil doings; therefore, I will visit them in my anger, yea, in my fierce anger will I visit them in their iniquities and abominations.

Yea, wo be unto this generation!  And the Lord said unto me: Stretch forth thy hand and prophesy, saying: Thus saith the Lord, it shall come to pass that this generation, because of their iniquities, shall be brought into bondage, and shall be smitten on the cheek; yea, and shall be driven by men, and shall be slain; and the vultures of the air, and the dogs, yea, and the wild beasts, shall devour their flesh. And it shall come to pass that the life of king Noah shall be valued even as a garment in a hot furnace; for he shall know that I am the Lord.

And it shall come to pass that I will smite this my people with sore afflictions, yea, with famine and with pestilence; and I will cause that they shall howl all the day long. Yea, and I will cause that they shall have burdens lashed upon their backs; and they shall be driven before like a dumb ass.

And it shall come to pass that I will send forth hail among them, and it shall smite them; and they shall also be smitten with the east wind; and insects shall pester their land also, and devour their grain. And they shall be smitten with a great pestilence—and all this will I do because of their iniquities and abominations.  And it shall come to pass that except they repent I will utterly destroy them from off the face of the earth; yet they shall leave a record behind them, and I will preserve them for other nations which shall possess the land; yea, even this will I do that I may discover the abominations of this people to other nations.  And many things did Abinadi prophesy against this people.

(Book of Mormon | Mosiah 12:1 - 8)

You have been warned and forewarned by a watchman or by faithful Servant in the hands of Christ. And all these things I seal and administer to this wicked and perverse generation; or in these latter-days of iniquity and vengeance. And I do it humbly and solemnly even with sorrow in my soul having my bones quaked and trembled at the LORD’s power in the House of Justice. And I do it with a single eye to the honor and Glory of God, as one having authority before God, angles and witnesses in the Holy name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Can two walk together, except they are in consensus? Will a lion roar in the forest, when he has no prey?  Will a young lion cry out of his den, if he has taken nothing? Can a bird fall in a snare upon the earth, where no gin is for him?  Will one take up a snare from the earth, and have taken nothing at all? Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid?  shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not KNOWN it? Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he reveals his secrets unto his servants the prophets.

The lion has roared, who will not fear?  The Lord GOD has spoken, who can but prophesy?


And scribed by an unworthy servant in the hands of Christ.

Miguel Angel Tinoco Rodriguez